Celebrating Excellence in Social Impact

Mission Samriddhi is a social impact enterprise dedicated to holistic human development in India, through the design and development of projects that are sustainable and capable of scale to positively impact the larger population. In its endeavour to recognise excellence in the field of social and economic development, Mission Samriddhi is hosting the Polestar Social Impact Awards in 2019 under the aegis of the PoleStar Foundation.

The Award has been instituted to honour outstanding efforts by NGOs and Social Enterprises that go out of their way to ensure the underprivileged lives and communities around them are made better. The Foundation has always believed in recognition that is truly deserved. No effort taken to make the world a better place should ever be unheard of or lost in the gamut of society within the development context. That is why, the PoleStar Social Impact Award was brought into being. Exemplary efforts and activities in the fields of Education, Livelihood, Health and Empowerment are to be awarded.

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The Categories

The Categories

PoleStar Award Archives

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Social Impact Award Empowerment


Impact Award Livelihood


Impact Award Health

Social Impact Award Education


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