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Golden Moments
20th Annual PoleStar Awards
Celebrating Excellence in Journalism

The PoleStar Award recognizes outstanding talent among Indian media professionals and celebrates stupendous contributions from media citizens who have acted as catalysts in disseminating quality information to the world.

Back in 1998, when The PoleStar Award was instituted, it was believed that, in the years to come, the IT industry was going to alter global equations in India’s favour. India was fast emerging as a happening business hub. Consequently, The PoleStar Award was formed to encourage and salute exemplary work in IT and Business Journalism. From a humble beginning, the PoleStar Award has reached a landmark of completing 19 years of celebrating Excellence in Journalism.

So much is being done in Journalism that it not only entertains, educates and informs but also transforms. In the recent years, works published have changed lives and communities, made heroes out of ordinary folk and significantly established the existence of the Good News about change and growth in everyday life. That is why this year in the 19th edition of The PoleStar Awards along with IT and Business, Good News category has been added.

We have cherished every moment of the awards and look forward to the many milestones to come.

Celebrating Excellence in Social Impact

Since 2017 a new category of awards has been added:

The PoleStar Social Impact Award in four categories - Education, Livelihood, Healthcare and Empowerment.

The Foundation has always believed in recognition that is truly deserved. This award has been instituted to honour NGOs who are making a difference in the lives of the lesser privileged through sheer perseverance and dedication.

The nominations will be scrutinised by an independent jury and the awards will be given away at an exclusive event.

Last year’s winners are featured below:

The winner with Azim Premji and Arun Jain

Mohan Foundation receiving the award for Health Care

Sristi Foundation honoured with the award for Empowerment

Snehalaya receiving the award for Education

Tarun Chetna receiving the award for Livelihood

Look forward to your participation. And do spread the word so more can benefit.

The Categories
Best feature in IT Journalism
(magazine / newspaper / online media)
Best Feature in Business Journalism (magazines / newspapers / online media)
Best Social Impact Projects in 4 different categories:

- Education
- Livelihood
- Health
- Empowerment

Jury Special Recognition
Best Good News Feature (print/online/video)
The PoleStar Award Winner
Takes Home
The PoleStar Trophy
A Citation
Rs. 2 lakhs prize money for Best Feature in IT and Business Journalism
Rs.1 lakh prize money for Jury Special Recognition
Rs. 1 lakh prize money for Best Good News Feature
Rs. 1 lakh prize money for each category – Education, Livelihood, Health and Empowerment

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