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18th Annual PoleStar Awards
The Categories
Best feature in IT Journalism
(magazine / newpaper / online media)
Best Feature in Business Journalism (magazines / newspapers / online media)
Jury Special Recognition
The PoleStar Award Winner
Takes Home
The PoleStar Trophy
A Citation
Rs. 2 lakhs prize money for Best Feature in IT and Business Journalism
Rs.1 lakh prize money for Jury Special Recognition

Golden Moments
Highlights of 3rd PoleStar Awards
Best Feature in IT Journalism

Mr. Vijay Ramachandran

Vijay Ramachandran won The PoleStar Award titled, ‘Internet IT Journalism’ for his investigation into Pakistan-based hacker groups, published in ITspace.com in 2000.

With over 23 years of journalistic experience, Vijay has worked with a variety of publications—from a mainstream, multi-edition daily to a niche biotech business publication.

Currently, Vijay is the Editor-in-Chief of IDG Media. Vijay has incubated many publications, including CIO, ChannelWorld, PCWorld, DeveloperIQ and BioSpectrum being one of them. He has been the Editor of CRN India, Executive Editor of Developer IQ and Deputy Editor of ITspace.com.

Best Feature in IT Journalism

Mr.Shubhendu Parth

Shubhendu Parth won The PoleStar Award titled, ‘IT for Competitive Advantage’ for 2000 for his article, ‘Smarter Cards’, published in Dataquest.

A communication expert and public affairs professional with over 20 years of print and online media experience, Shubhendu Parth has spent considerable time comprehending the Government Sector and how technologies enable a transparent and expeditious delivery of public goods.

He has a good grasp of governance processes, the role of bureaucracy and external agents and is credited with designing and successfully executing several technology magazines, e-Gov Capacity Building programs and credible linkage with the public sector.

After spending over nine years in mainline journalism—a career spanning from The Assam Express, Sunday Observer and The Indian Express—he moved on to join Cyber Media where he spent seven years learning about IT and driving Dataquest, Cyber Media News and the company’s e-Gov initiative. In 2007 he quit his job as the Executive Editor of Dataquest to take up consulting, research and ICT for Development projects.

Shubhendu set up Blue Slate Media Pvt Ltd September 2007 with seed funding from a Capital 18 company to launch India’s first government sector news portal iGovernment.in, which he later sold to 9.9 Mediaworx. He launched IT Next, India’s first technology magazine for the senior level IT Managers in December 2009 as its Editor, before re-designing and re-launching three Elets Technomedia publication—eGov, Digital Learning and eHealth. He is currently the Director—Corporate Affairs at Mutual PR. A graduate in English from Patna University, he has done his Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. He is also engaged with some of the state governments for consulting projects and impact assessment of e-Governance implementations.

Best Feature in IT Journalism

Mr. Hari Pullakat

Hari Pullakat won The PoleStar Award titled ‘IT for the Masses’ for 2000 for his article published in Businessworld.

Hari’s current job as a Senior Editor in Economic Times, involves editing a page on science and technology and writing on technology, society and economic development for other pages. Prior to this, he spent 17 years in Businessworld, based out of Delhi, Bangalore and San Francisco.

In Delhi he covered the science and technology ministries and national labs. In Bangalore he wrote about the IT and biotech industries, focusing on R&D and product development. From the Silicon Valley he wrote about startups, venture capital, renewable energy and science. Some of his earlier stints were with the Economic Times and The Link Magazine. He has a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from Calicut University and Master of Arts in English Literature from University of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

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