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18th Annual PoleStar Awards
The Categories
Best feature in IT Journalism
(magazine / newpaper / online media)
Best Feature in Business Journalism (magazines / newspapers / online media)
Jury Special Recognition
The PoleStar Award Winner
Takes Home
The PoleStar Trophy
A Citation
Rs. 2 lakhs prize money for Best Feature in IT and Business Journalism
Rs.1 lakh prize money for Jury Special Recognition

Golden Moments
Highlights of 18th PoleStar Awards
Best Feature in IT Journalism

Rajat Ubhaykar

Rajat Ubhaykar won the PoleStar Award for his article, ‘The Emerging World Of 3D Printing’, which appeared in Outlook Business

Rajat Ubhaykar is a Senior Correspondent with Outlook Business, one of India’s premier business magazines. He's worked as a journalist for over 2 years now and has covered diverse sectors such as banking, financial inclusion, stock markets, social enterprises, SMEs, logistics, technology start-ups and renewable energy. He also undertook a three month long journey hitchhiking with truck drivers all across India and wrote a six-part series for Outlook Business about the highway economy.

Before joining Outlook Business, he worked as a business analytics associate with ZS Associates, a multinational management consultancy firm. He has a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur and a post-graduate diploma in journalism from Asian College of Journalism, Chennai. He is also an omnivorous reader and finishes one book per week religiously. His interests span a wide variety of subjects including writing, literature, history, business, travel, films, music, art, geopolitics, science, and chess.

Best Feature in Business Journalism

Sarika Malhotra

Sarika Malhotra won the PoleStar Award for her article, ‘Invisible Hands’, which appeared in Business Today

Sarika Malhotra is Associate Editor at Business Today, India Today Group. At Business Today, she has been covering development economics for more than four years. Her stories involve ground reportage and investigations from some of the remotest and Naxal affected areas of the country.

Sarika is the 2014 winner of the first prize for Economic Journalism in Asia from the IE Business School, Spain and CAF Development Bank of Latin America. She has won the Special Jury Recognition from PoleStar Foundation in 2015, and Laadli Media and Advertising Award for Gender Sensitivity by Population First and UNFPA in 2015. Sarika also won the inaugural Aster Media Award for Social Impact in 2016.

Spanning over 10 years, Sarika began her career in journalism in 2005 with The Times of India and has worked with The Financial Express and Sakaal Times. She has a diverse experience of reporting on private equity, financial services, grassroots entrepreneurship, water and social economy. Sarika has a Doctorate in International Studies from the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. With a constant itch to venture into the lesser known, ground reportage is her calling. For ‘tricky’ stories, she enjoys capturing photographs too!

Jury’s Special Mention Award

Sonal Khetarpal

Sonal Khetarpal won the PoleStar Award for her article, ‘Inclusion Insensitive Inc.’, which appeared in Business World

Sonal Khetarpal is a Principal Correspondent with Business Today, one of the India’s distinguished business magazines. Sonal has worked in the field of publishing and journalism for over eight years. She started her journalism career in India writing about entrepreneurship for Inc. India, the Indian version of the American magazine Inc. She has reported extensively on entrepreneurship, start-ups, management and social media. She particularly enjoys writing on inclusion and diversity issues at workplaces. At Business Today, her focus is on writing about management and digital media trends. She holds an English (Hons) degree from University of Delhi, and a Masters in English Literature from National University of Singapore. When not chasing stories and battling deadlines, she finds solace in food, mountains and all things green.


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